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Premium Styling Dock - GreyPremium Styling Dock - Grey
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Premium Styling Dock - Grey Premium Styling Dock - Grey Premium Styling Dock - Grey Premium Styling Dock - Grey Premium Styling Dock - Grey Premium Styling Dock - Grey Premium Styling Dock - Grey Premium Styling Dock - Grey Premium Styling Dock - Grey Premium Styling Dock - Grey

Premium Styling Dock - Grey


  • Three storage compartments for hair styling tools
  • Heat resistant – tools safely cool down after use
  • Accessory pots for clips & bobbles
  • Unique cable reels prevent tangled wires
  • Removable hook - unit can hang from rail

Item Code: TT13100100

Perfect Place

What's in the box?

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Keeps your styling doc space neat and tidy

Store on your dressing table, on a rail or inside a cupboard/drawer

You’ve got it all – the straighteners, the tongs, the wands and the hairdryers – they’re your best friends when it comes to perfecting your style. Whether it’s bouncy curls for a Saturday night out with the girls or a slicked back look to boss it at work, these guys are always there for you. So, give them the home they deserve! Keep them safe, secure and tidy in our brand new heat resistant Premium Styling Dock!

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How to use

  1. 1After styling your hair, switch your tools off and unplug
  2. 2Place tools inside one of the compartments
  3. 3Remove reel, attach plug, wind the cable and return to dock
  4. 4Pop accessories in pots
  5. 5Relax!
Safely Stored


Q - What type of hair styling tools can I store?

A - From straighteners to hairdryers, tongs, wands and brushes, a wide range can easily be stored away in the Premium Styling Dock. Check out the ‘Dimensions’ section for more info!

Q - Are my tools ok to go in the Styling Dock when hot?

A - Absolutely! Once you’ve finished styling, make sure to turn your tools off at the plug then pop them straight in the compartments to cool down.

Q - What can I store in the accessory pots?

A - The removable pots are perfect for keeping all your clips, bobbles and other small accessories in one place. Move the pots to wherever works best for you for styling your hair!

Q - How do the cable reels work?

A - Whether you have a UK, US or European plug, the cable reels will keep your wires neat and tidy. Simply attach the plug, wind the cable, and hook back onto the dock. A little tip: when tightly wrapping the cable around your styling tools, you can damage the wires! The cable reels are super handy for keeping your cables tidy and safe when transporting your hair tools.

Q - How do I attach it to a rail?

A - Easy, especially as there are no fixings required! Insert the hook onto the back of the styling dock and then attach over a rail.

Safe & stylish storage solution

Helps prevent...

Silicone is widely used for its heat resistant properties in lots of everyday products such as cooking utensils, oven gloves, bakeware etc. The Premium Styling Dock has been specially designed with a fully silicone lined body ensuring hot hair styling tools can cool safely after use. This high quality silicone is heat resistant to above 230°C and its smooth surface prevents scratches and marks to styling tools.

Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions 3


Product weight: 0.96kg

Product colour: Black and Grey